Lender Services
Attorney Lender Services, Inc.,  (“ATTYLSI”) formed in 2011 is the “professional’s professional”, providing efficient and professional service to its customers, no matter how large or small.  Founded and managed by a licensed attorney, ATTYLSI prides itself in providing goal-oriented, efficient and quality service to its customers while giving each customer personal and individualized attention.
ATTYLSI specializes in non-judicial foreclosures, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, assignments, reconveyances, title issues and ancillary lender services in the States of California and Arizona. We are qualified to also assist you with any pre or post-foreclosure title, lien, or Bankruptcy issues.
ATTYLSI is committed to developing and maintaining successful and reliable relationships with our customers to make sure all of your foreclosure needs are met.
Attorney Lender Services, Inc.  will keep you apprised, throughout the foreclosure process of the status of your foreclosure, and timely respond to your communications.  Throughout the process ATTYLSI will advise you of any liens of record, tax delinquencies and bankruptcies that may affect marketable and title, as well as necessary assignments and title claims. We can also coordinate your after sale title needs at your request.

FORECLOSURES – Foreclosure processing in CA and AZ. ATTYLSI will commence and prosecute your non-judicial foreclosure in compliance with CA and AZ laws, prepare all necessary documents and maintain constant communication with you answer any questions you may have or issues which may arise.

RECEIVERSHIP – Appointment of a State Court Receiver to collect rents and manage your real property*

DEEDS in LIEU of FORECLOSURE – Allows you to obtain title to the secured property without time and expense of completing a foreclosure. Certain considerations must be made. ATTYLIS will obtain an title report from a national title insurance company to insure your request to proceed with Deed in Lieu. Preparation of DIL documents, forward for execution and recording with the County Recorder.

BANKRUPTCY – Representation of creditors in Bankruptcy cases filed in CA and AZ.

ATTYLSI is not a law firm but utilizes the services of The Law Offices of Diane Weifenbach for representation in Bankruptcy Courts in AZ and CA. Ms. Weifenbach has in excess of 20 years experience in the representation of secured and unsecured creditors in Bankruptcy and foreclosure matters. You are free to retain the Bankruptcy counsel of your choice but if you do not have a preferred counsel this will relieve you of the need to find a Bankruptcy attorney on your own, guaranteeing that your needs will be met in an expeditious and efficient manner.

The Law Offices of Diane Weifenbach can:

  • Obtain relief from stay to allow you to proceed with your foreclosure
  • Object to the borrower’s proposed treatment of your loan in the Bankruptcy case
  • Prepare and file a Proof of Claim on your behalf
  • Represent you in an adversary proceeding in the Bankruptcy Court
  • Represent your interests if the borrower attempts to remove your lien from the real property or pay you less than what is owed

All legal services are rendered by the Law Offices of Diane Weifenbach.